San Antonio Adventure race

2018-05-19 08:00

 Event Description-

This event is a mixture between a trail run and a point-to-point scavenger hunt.  We will have checkpoints spread throughout the park that you will need to find.  At each checkpoint there will be a designated sticker that you will need to attach to your bib.  These stickers prove that you made it to each checkpoint.

Once you collect all of the stickers, you are done!  Head back to the finish line and receive your FINISHER’S MEDAL and FREE BEER!

There are two different registration options and distances.

-The “Adventurer” option will have 7 checkpoints and is around 3-5 miles of trail running and navigating (depending on which trails you take).  The checkpoints for the “Adventurer” participants will all be in OP Schnabel Park above the Leon Creek Greenway.

-The “Extreme Adventurer” option will have 12 checkpoints and will be about 8-10 miles of trail running and navigating (depending on which trails you take).    For the “Extreme Adventurer” participants, there will be some checkpoints below OP Schnabel Park along the Leon Creek Greenway as well.

We will be passing out maps with the checkpoint locations 15 minutes before the event starts.  This will be part of the adventure.  You will have to figure out your own race course and trails to take.  We HIGHLY recommend you review the park maps before race day.  You can find them HERE and HERE.

You can run solo OR in a group of up to four team members.  This will be a trail run and many of the trails are rocky.  Even though some trails might be paved, single track trails will definitely be used.  Please dress and plan accordingly.

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